Invited speakers


Invited speakers:

  • prof. Andrzej Dąbrowski (University of Szczecin), title of lecture: Automorphic L-functions and their applications to cryptology.
  • prof. Kris Gaj (George Mason University, USA), title of lecture: Evaluating Candidates for Post-Quantum Cryptography Standards Using Software/Hardware Codesign.
  • dr Faruk Gologlu (Charles University Prague, Czech Republic), title of lecture: Exponential sums for symmetric cryptography.
  • dr hab. Maciej Grześkowiak (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan), title of lecture: Prime numbers and computational number theory.
  • dr Marcus Hittmeir (SBA Research gGmbH, Wien, Austria), title of lecture: The Hyperbolic Sieve: A Technique for Integer Factorization.
  • prof. Antoine Joux, title of lecture: Fully homomorphic encryption modulo Fermat numbers.
  • dr Krystian Matusiewicz (Intel, Gdańsk), title of lecture: Challenges and trends in lightweight cryptography.
  • prof. Josef Pieprzyk (Queensland University of Technology, Australia), title of lecture: Parallel Signcryption.

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